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14 Years Experience

SUCCESS Gymnastics offers classes for boys and girls aged 18 months to 18 years old! We have beginner classes for preschool aged kids all the way up to DEVO training and everything in between. 

Class Schedule

Registration is Open!

We are open for registration! Check our class schedule and use the link below to sign up your athlete for classes!

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coach helping student with backward stretch

Classes We Offer


Tumblebugs I
(18 months-3 years)

A parent/toddler class centered around age-appropriate developmental movements and socialization. Fun obstacle courses will be used for classes along with development of the four “big kid” events (vault, bars, beam, floor) on size scaled equipment.

Tumblebugs II
(4 years-5 years)

No parents needed here!  This class will introduce more physically challenging skills that give the children stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as a clear understanding of their bodies’ capabilities and limitations. Obstacle courses are still used along with size scaled equipment.

Progressive Classes

Advanced Tumblebugs
(5 years - 6 years)

A parent/toddler class centered around age-appropriate developmental movements and socialization. Fun obstacle courses will be used for classes along with development of the four “big kid” events (vault, bars, beam, floor) on size scaled equipment.

(7 years & up)

This class is built for new gymnasts and places an emphasis on building basic skills, strength, and flexibility.

(7 years & up)

For athletes who have completed our beginner program or who have had some gymnastics experience.

Fast Track

Mini Hot Shots
(4 years - 5 years)

These young athletes have established high gymnastics ability and desire through the Tumblebugs class. They have been invited to join our Fast Track program and will hopefully join our DEVO Team program in a few years!

Hot Shots
(5 years - 7 years)

These athletes have established the required gymnastics skills through the Mini Hot Shots class.

DEVO Pre-Team

These athletes have established the core skills in the Hot Shot Program and are beginning to train the USAG Level 3 skills.


XCEL Bronze
XCEL Silver
XCEL Gold/Platinum

*All XCEL Team Classes are required to come at least two days a week.

From USA Gymnastics, The USA Gymnastics Xcel program was developed as an alternative competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. The program allows a wide choice in skills to meet requirements so selection may be based on an individual athlete’s strengths.

The focus of the Xcel program is sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and fun. The emphasis in the Xcel program is on correct technique, form, and performance.


Boys & Girls Tumbling
(6 years & Up)

This is a class for Boy’s & Girls ages 6 and up! The athlete will work on tumbling passes on the floor, trampoline skills and the tumble track. The athlete will also work on flexibility and strength.

Ninja Classes

Boys & Girls Ninja
(6 years - 16 years)

These classes are for boys and girls ages 6-16! The Ninja sport is a different form of gymnastics, focused on skillful rolls, jumps, and flips, all through continuous movement. As the year goes on, the students will develop their strength, balance, power, and agility in order to move through our special Ninja equipment and lesson plans.

coach giving pre-meet pep talk
balance beam gymnast at meet


Certified Trainers & Staff

The certified coaching staff at SUCCESS has been trained in a comprehensive introductory course on the following topics: coaching principles, basic safety, athlete development and preparation, risk management teaching gymnastics skills & more.

SUCCESS also has multiple USA Gymnastics Certified Members who have completed the Safety Certification Course and the background screening process required by USA Gymnastics.

SUCCESS Class Updates & Information

As part of “going green” we have implemented a new billing system at SUCCESS. Tuition will be automatically billed to the account of your choice on the 1st of each month. This ensures an on-time payment and guarantees your child’s spot in class. Tuition is the same EVERY month regardless of the number of weeks of class. While some months have 5 classes and we do not charge extra, we also do not pro-rate for an occasional month with only 3 classes. Tuition is not pro-rated for missed classes and no refund will be issued for cancellations due to inclement weather. All breaks and holidays are previously factored into your monthly tuition and are not prorated month to month. Monthly tuition is based on the school calendar year. Your first month payment and Registration fee will need to be received before the first day of class in order to hold your athletes spot in the class.

Once your child is enrolled at SUCCESS she/he will be enrolled until we are notified otherwise.  This means that all students enrolling in the school year schedule will remain enrolled throughout the year.

Please check our condensed summer schedule after 3/15!  SUCCESS reserves a spot for your child until we are notified otherwise.  Telling your child’s teacher, emailing or calling the office, (rather than filling out the appropriate drop form at the front desk) is NOT considered proper notice.

If your child wishes to discontinue participation in class, you must personally complete a SUCCESS withdrawal form and return it to the front desk at least 2 weeks prior to the start of a new month. Failure to properly notify SUCCESS will result in continued tuition charges. Tuition is due for the entire month in which a drop occurs and accounts will be charged accordingly.

Please call or email the office if your child will miss a class. Unfortunately we are unable to allow make-ups for missed classes. However we will take in consideration catastrophic events. In the event that this should happen to you, you will be issued a complimentary pass to one our popular open gyms. (Please see our summer session rules for summer make-ups.) If your child misses two or more classes due to a serious illness, injury or surgery, please communicate to the office asap. We will consider make-ups after your child is better.


The Registration form and one month tuition is needed to hold your athlete’s spot in a class.

Please remember, all members of SUCCESS pay a yearly registration fee.

($35 for first child, $30 each sibling after that)